Kishami Academy

We aim to fill the gaps in your child's education, helping them become complete, confident, and competent individuals able to achieve beyond what they imagine.


Colorado Springs school for autistic and special needs children, grades Pre-K through High School. We also provide bridging integrated courses to help your child succeed beyond the classroom. Enroll your child today!

Tutoring Sessions Available

Our tutoring is available to everyone, not just Kishami students. Contact us to learn more!

Winter Weather 2020-2021


Please check your roads to decide what is safest for you.  Text the teacher directly to let them know your decision.  Students may show up late or attend via Google Hangouts–Pay attention to the Parent Group Text for more information, or text the teacher directly.


  • Kishami Academy, LLC is in District 11.

  • When district 11 is closed, zoom instruction is 9:30 – 11:30.

  • The Academy will still be open for students who want/need to come–Pay attention to the Parent Group Text for more information, or text the teacher directly.


  • Kishami Academy, LLC will open doors at 9 am, start class at 10 am, zoom is 10 am -11:30.

Kishami Academy is currently accepting enrollment applications.


At Kishami Academy, LLC, we believe that every child should have every opportunity at achieving success in life, at home, and beyond, regardless of disability or need.

We are diverse, welcoming, accepting and passionate about being the best we can be. Join us to make your child’s education experience enriching and unforgettable.

News & Events


In Loving Memory
June 30, 2020


We Have a New Addition!
February 17, 2020


There’s always something amazing happening at Kishami Academy, LLC.  Our educational programs empower your child to learn in a flexible environment.  Upon enrollment, your child will be given an intake assessment and a customized curriculum to help challenge your child to achieve success.

Kishami Academy, LLC on the radio!


The Kishami Academy, LLC was featured on the City of CS Real Estate and Lifestyle radio with Deborah Elliott-Shultz on KRDO!  It was a great experience and you can read all about it on the blog page.

We are looking for donations!


We need school supplies, snacks, books, and technology. If you have anything you are looking to recycle or toss away (such as cell phones, batteries, pens, etc.), please think of us first!

FAQs Kishami

What does Kishami Academy being an independent private school mean?
Independent refers to the fact that Kishami Academy is not under the control of any outside entity: We do not have a company, board of directors, or the Department of Education dictating what we can or cannot do, we do not have yearly standardized testing, we are not limited to what an I.E.P. states, we can evolve with the needs of our students. This independence means that we also do not receive money from any company or government entity and thus, we are Private and require tuition to attend.
How is Kishami Academy different from Public School?
Using initial testing we teach at the grade-level your student is at in each subject, not expecting a student to be 4th grade in all subjects with occasional pull-outs to make up the academic gaps. We address the emotional health of each student, and we work together to both address and problem solve through frustrations and meltdowns. We consider public school PTSD, energy levels, and the effects of medications on academic performance.
What is Public School PTSD?
This is a term I use to explain the panic attacks, fears, and anxiety issues that students must deal with during their first few months at Kishami Academy. They have been expected to be something they are not, ridiculed for being different, treated in extremes for not fitting the mold, pulled out, reprimanded, yelled at, criticized, and blamed for mishaps all of their public school life. They expect the same at Kishami Academy and the difference in expectations and reality lead to disconnects in academics for a time. After a couple months, students relax and begin to learn and accept that they are worth something and capable of more than they ever thought they were. Healing can happen.

School Hours

Monday -Wednesdays & Friday 9:00 – 2:00

Thursdays (late start) 11:00 – 2:00

After School Program & Workshops
2:00 – 5:00

Our Location

2011 E Platte Ave.
Colorado Springs, Co, 80909

Contact Us

For any questions, comments, concerns, or enrollment information requests.